The physical, emotional and financial cost of dealing with a serious injury is overwhelming and frightening. A serious injury can and will turn your life upside down and forever alter the way you live. Joe Herbert helps people who have been seriously injured in seeking fair compensation and justice from those legally responsible in Ventura County, Los Angeles County and elsewhere in California.

Joe Herbert handles many types of injury cases:
• Auto, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents
• Dog bite and other animal-caused injuries
• Assault and battery claims
• Premises liability such as slip and fall accidents

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Joe Herbert has extensive experience in getting his clients recourse from working in a hostile work environment and dealing with sexual harassment, discrimination, unpaid overtime and being denied time off per the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). He has advised his clients of their workplace rights and has helped them recover what they are owed for the following:
• Unpaid wages, minimum wage violations, contract work, unpaid overtime and missed meal and rest breaks
• Harassment and hostile work environment claims
• Discrimination due to disability, age, sex, and race or ethnic group
• Retaliation and defamation claims
• Whistleblower claims
• Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations
• Employment severance and benefits

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Joe Herbert represents people in serious personal injury matters, as well as employment and workplace discrimination and harassment cases, etc. He also represents individuals and groups of individuals in class-action lawsuits for wage and hour claims. In California, tort laws that cover personal injuries and other laws which regulate the employment relationships between employers and their staff are complex. Navigating these laws requires an attorney with experience and up-to-date information. Joe Herbert is that attorney.

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